Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Freee Bathing Suite & Hat!


Follow these simple instructions:

1) Go to your account (the button is underneath your medoll picture and username on the side)

2) Go to the account settings tab and in the first part it says ID: (then your number)

3) In the website bar put
simple . co. uk/ stardoll/?u= (without gaps)
with your account ID number at the end:
For example mine would be
simple. co . uk / stardoll /?u= 19361477 (without gaps)

4) On the simple website scroll all the way to the bottom and sign up.

5) Press submit, go to your suite and it will be in a box with the label 'simple' on it!

Really its not that hard, I just put extra info about the user ID so that everyone would get it.
If you have an questions post here and I will reply ASAP.

Byee, :]

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free water. Free TV. Jb Top Problems.

* Jonas brothers TOP PROBLEMS

OK, so some people are saying the video isn`t there. If it`s not follow these instructions:

- go to
- at the top where it says Web Dares type in
- on the side bar log in.
- log out
- go to the normal and then log in and go to your suite!

Really it`s not a very nice top, so you don`t really
have to go to all thise bother :P


they send it to you automatically with everyone who has set their
country as USA.

also if you go to and then type in if will come up with a disney club. Log in on the side and join the club. Cos at a certain amount of members they sent you cool gifts like sd`s!!

I only got the TV on one of my accounts because it was set to USA,
but it didn`t work for all of the others. :l


go to
and then at the top where it says write your
haiku press submit with what is there, then go to your suite and there will be water which you can move around!

You can drag, shape and turn the water in your
suite! - Pretty cool! =)

This post was for the club _.FreeStuff._ in which I could not post in.
Stardoll Pwincess.x